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but don't go in hoping for anything Oscar worthy.

I get the impression there is only so much a director can do with a film like '17 Again' and he did it alright.

He decides to take this opportunity to get the life he lost.

Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry also appeared in an episode of Friends (1994) - "The One in Vegas: Part One." Lennon played a blackjack dealer and Joey's "hand twin." Although they both appeared in the episode, Lennon and Perry did not share a scene. See more » I've just returned from the cinema after watching this film and I have to say, my friends and I laughed like a bunch of hyenas (probably to the annoyance of anyone behind us) all the way through it.

See more » Bust a Move Written by Matt Dike and Marvin Young Contains Portions of "Found a Child" by Luther Rabb and Jim Walters (as James Walters) Performed by Marvin Young (as Young MC) Courtesy of Delicious Vinyl, L. The story of course is nothing original, but you knew that going in, and yes, there are some seemingly ridiculous or stereotypical character setups, again acknowledged beforehand, but the direction and the acting, more than makes up for this.