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With over a year having past since the end of Season 2, Aidan (Sam Witwer), Josh (Sam Huntington), Sally (Meaghan Rath) and Nora (Kristen Hager) are all in very different places now, which not only affects their friendship as roommates, but also how they interact with others.

There’s more emphasis put on the dynamic between the characters, so there’s way more humor because it’s these roommates dealing with each other, every day, and talking to each other, and that’s funny. Aidan’s story actually gets moving slower than the others, which made perfect sense to me.

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And if the beginning of the season is any indication, things are bound to get crazier.

During this recently exclusive interview with the show’s stars, the foursome talked about where there characters are headed this season, as a result of all of the big storyline shifts, getting to revisit some storylines from Season 2, how the friendship dynamic is changing, that this season will have more lightness to it, what these new changes mean for their love lives, and that they really do take the fans’ input into consideration. Collider: What can you say about where your characters are headed this season, especially with all of these big storyline shifts?

Anna is now the singular showrunner and the direction of the show is basically her staking her claim on the show. There are things that she’s still pushing for, for seasons down the road, that are pretty risky ideas. KRISTEN HAGER: There are also new supernatural elements that have come into play.

I’ve gotta say I was so happy to see where she was taking it because it’s a direction that I felt was the show, in the truest sense. And a lot more werewolves will be looking around this season. All I knew in Season 2 was that I went off to run with the wolves.

This guy comes back because his children are missing, and that’s a very real thing. One of these kids died, so now the dad is looking for answers. The funny thing is that it’s not really what he wanted.

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