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finally hits UK shores later this week courtesy of Watch - if you're still stinging from the UK show's demise, then we heartily recommend you check out Syfy's own version, which stars Sam Huntington as werewolf Josh, Sam Witwer as vampire Aidan and Meaghan Rath as ghost Sally...

Rath spoke to Digital Spy ahead of the UK launch to talk the show's early years, her love for recently came to an end - what would you say to fans of that show thinking about checking out the US series for the first time?

"We were really lucky because the magic between the three of us was something that happened immediately, during the screen-tests for the show.

It wasn't anything that we ever had to work on, which was really such a relief."There's so many times where you do a film or a series with somebody and you've gotta pretend that you're best friends and you're just not feeling the chemistry. "So I was really nervous around him - I wanted him to touch me and give me eternal life! But Mark is so great - after we finished shooting the first season, me and the two Sams and Mark all went to Hawaii together on vacation.

She wanted him to run with the wolves, be free and embrace his wolf.

Now, we’ve come to a place where we’re really trying to live as human a life as possible, and I scared myself by going off and trying to embrace my wolf side.

Anna is now the singular showrunner and the direction of the show is basically her staking her claim on the show. There are things that she’s still pushing for, for seasons down the road, that are pretty risky ideas. KRISTEN HAGER: There are also new supernatural elements that have come into play.