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While there are some websites that completely full of robots, most users are real on Kismia. It might be a stereotype to think that men should text / call on a date / take the initiative first, but I’m a old-fashioned woman, I’m afraid of being rejected. But my point here is you can forget about making the first move on Kismia.I didn’t write 100% real, because I had an experience when I didn’t receive answers from some really nice guys. There are plenty of first-step-makers, and I don’t mean the users, I mean friendly stickers, likes and smiles. As on the other dating websites you can add your most beloved matches to the “Favourites”, you can see your potential matches stored in one place, browse your daily visitors, suitable partners and those who like you in the “Dating” game. On my first acquaintance, I tensed a little when I saw how much to go through to register, but then in the process of passing this procedure I got a real buzz, and diligently carried out all the necessary actions.

Most importantly, they share a passion for remaining loyal to their members and looking at things from their perspective, not a perspective that will just drive their product and boost their brand.

"We’re not trying to create a big-branded image or pretend that we have an ideology," Elizabeth said.

Initially got suckered into subscribing because I winked someone and I got a message in return...

After subscribing, to unlock and read the message, it was an AUTO-RESPOND!

And, The Dating Lounge is the only dating app on the market that has a real Professional Matchmaker (Me) behind it." "It was important to me that The Dating Lounge gave high-end people exactly what they want in an app-- a personal and vetted community of serious daters where they are able to do strategic searches with the help of a Matchmaker." "I made sure that The Dating Lounge is a private community full of successful members who are affluent, well-educated and well-traveled.