Sarah arthur dating mr darcy

In the same way that we're intrigued by Jane Austen, we're also drawn to the character of Elizabeth Bennet.

Like Lizzy, we don't want to play the "market" in any of its forms.

Our connections become his connections too, even when we're just dating.

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A guy who falls for us because of our wit and intelligence? Yet when this unconscious bewitchment first begins, Darcy is alarmed.

He quickly reverts back to assessing Elizabeth Bennet's outward traits in order to keep himself "safe" from her intriguing inner qualities. At first this strikes us as extremely snobby, and of course it is.

With smart tips, spiritual insights, and discussions of Jane Austen's popular stories and movies, best-selling author Sarah Arthur equips young women to gauge a guy's Darcy Potential (DP) according to his relationships with family, friends, and God.

Jane Austen in a letter to her sister, Cassandra, December 9, 1808 The next time you're really bored on a Friday night, flip through the cable channels or the pages of a recent girl mag and count the belly buttons, bare legs, and cleavage. Keep track on a piece of scrap paper: fifteen innies, twelve outies, thirty-six bare legs, eighteen thighs, twenty-four bosoms, etc.

We know we shouldn't care that this Bingley or Darcy or whoever he is has just entered our field of vision. "Now be sincere," she teases him after they get engaged; "did you admire me for my impertinence?