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But you can understand from the fact that within 10 year of his career time Eugene already worked 7 TV series.

This is pretty much sure that Eugene is going to be popular star in coming few years.

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Also, she used to be a part of Chick Comedy on You Tube in the short show, Twinny Something starring as Jean, while Nikita starred as Haley.

Jade originally auditioned for the role of Nina Martin, which eventually was given over to Nathalia Ramos.

2017) and Teresa (née Stopford) Simon, he has one brother, Charles Stephen Simon (born 1987).

Eugene Michael Simon is a British actor and fashion model and is best known for his roles as Jerome Clarke on House of Anubis and Lancel Lannister from Game of Thrones.

Then both Jade and Nikita auditioned for the role of Patricia Williamson, but Jade was cast.