Tranvestite albania chat - Dating someone with your same birthday

dating someone with your same birthday-20

Can't say that I've ever heard of anyone else that is, or has ever been, in a similar situation.

Also, I've never been so comfortable with someone as I was with her.

Bit if an aside- I've never really been one to go in for starsigns and stuff, but a friend of mine recently pointed out that out of a group of about 45 friends on holiday together, all but about 3 had the same 6 or 7 starsigns- and most of those were born in the spring/summer.

This may be a bit of a coincidence, but i do find that most of the people i get on well with have birthdays in the spring and summer.

Also, as a 'summer baby' myself, most of my boyfriends have had birthdays in Spring, particularly April. it can be possible that the all couples are from the exact date and exact year too.