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“In addition to that, we suspend anyone from the site who is suspected of being underage.” Local law enforcement agencies say that because the site was set up like a dating website and advertised as facilitating consensual connections, it is not illegal.“It’s not like they’re making them do it,” said Denver police spokeswoman Raquel Lopez.A 43-year-old Greeley-based sugar daddy who uses Seeking Arrangement and spoke on condition of anonymity for privacy reasons, has gone on at least 50 dates with sugar babies since he started using the site in September, he said.

Students attending CU Denver on average pay more than $13,500 in annual tuition and typically complete college with nearly $23,000 of debt, according to the U. He was not familiar with students using sugar daddies or mamas to pay the bills.

With shopping bags at her feet, Vanessa explained that she gets a monthly “allowance” provided by her sugar daddies that varies from $500 to $3,000 depending on the guy.

The University of Colorado Denver was not far behind, with 105 registered students out of the nearly 10,500 undergraduates.

Joanne Belknap, ethnic studies professor at CU, said it’s one thing if students are simply watching TV or having dinner with their senior benefactors, but she wonders if true consent can exist when it comes to sex.

“You have the huge power imbalance with gender, age, class and sometimes race,” Belknap said.