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Sessions are usually on a weekly basis and continue for a period agreed upon between client and therapist.No online therapy in South Africa Waumsley, is also the founder of a website which offers various online therapy programmes.

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Online face to face sex

Some psychologists, however, believe face-to-face contact to be more beneficial.

Lillian Lomofsky, an Educational Psychologists of Oakdale practice says she believes that there are more benefits in to face-to-face therapy, as the relationship between the therapist and client is more meaningful and possibly stronger when there is personal contact such as eye contact and meditational interaction.

It’s good to know that Skype can also be accessed via your cellphone,” he adds.

Rates per session Payment is upfront but clients can pay for several sessions at once or individually, if they wish.

“My reservation about online therapy is that the transference between the therapist and client may not be so effective.