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We live in a time when people insult Allah’s Messenger publically.Insulting Allah’s Messenger is as useless as spitting at the sun – it will only come back and hit your face.

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So Allah reassured His Messenger by saying: Allah would sometimes correct His Messenger (i.e. Allah covers/forgives those things which Allah’s Messenger felt were sins.

Whereas Allah was just raising the character of His Messenger.

Allah also revealed two other surahs’ – al Kawthar [108], and Nasr [110].

These Surahs’ made Allah’s Messenger pleased with an upcoming victory: Both these Surahs’ made Allah’s Messenger pleased – that Allah’s Messenger has been made permissible; to be harmed or expelled by the disbelievers of Quraysh. With the moon being in the subservient position to the sun, and borrowing its light too. In this surah, Allah will make a parallel between the Sun and the Nafs (roughly translated as Conscience). Even the most advanced designs of todays buildings and architecture require patching up.

; any barrier between the knowledge that Allah has given him, Allah has removed such barriers – so he has full and total understanding of the message.

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