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So Allah’s Messenger is mentioned along with Allah’s name in everything – In the; Shahadah [testimony of faith], Adhan [call to prayer], tashahud [in prayer], his name – Muhammad – is always mentioned next to Allah’s name. There doesn’t cease to be a moment when Allah’s Messenger is not mentioned on Earth.

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Allah has given His Messenger Muhammad (sal Allah alaihi wasalam) the role of being the final Messenger, who has the role of conveying the message to the whole of humanity uptill the end of time.

Such a role is extremely demanding, and having such a role is a very tough job which requires patience and perseverance.

While he realised all this, the people would reject his message, and he only had a limited amount of time.

So this responsibility of being successful was a heavy burden on him.

But Allah has replied; whenever the people insult Allah’s Messenger, it only increases his awareness infront of the people, it makes many non-practising Muslims return to following his Sunnah, and it makes his followers even more firmer in following his way.