Horneymatches dating dhcp address not updating in dns

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These emails always appear to be from a female in your area, complete with pictures and local address. If you look around long enough, you notice a disturbing consistency of similar photos bearing different names.

Also the membership ratio is around 100 men for 1 woman. They also send a lot of clever emails from different members goading you into joining. I payed for a 3 1 month membership after receiving several messages about girls wanting to get in touch with me.

I found that trying to find a real girl was next to impossible as the real ones were usually non paying and wouldn't answer even if i sent my real email as a way of them to contact me outside of the site. lets not even talk about craig list bull crap..Its a total scam.

yeha they lure u in with bots or people who work there. Nobody ever takes a break from the site; everyone is either "online" or visited the site "today".