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It's a bit like watching an endless four or five hour long slideshow of childhood pictures for a person you do neither know enough to be interested in nor are sure you'd want to get to know after the experience. strange to look into foreign social circles and the depressing blandness of growing up in the eighties.The common motive of all the little stories (puberty, growing up and sex) SHOULD be enticing enough to make it interesting, but even the "scandalous" moments are just somewhat 'meh' instead of completelly captivating and thrilling.i know i should never buy books just because they sound funny and are incredibly cheap so even when they're not too lovely i'd still have not paid much for the experience.

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That data could contain valuable clues about the inefficiencies that prevent me from reaching my fullest potential.

So I started collecting hard data on every single part of my life, thanks to some handy mobile apps.

Thanks for the laughs I received this book as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway and it is absolutely hilarious!

Akon's got a serious poop problem in his backyard ... and you won't believe how much scat they drop a week.

The program is based on logging points, a simpler form of counting calories, so I got pretty good at keeping track of my reduced-fat Triscuits and Snack Well's ('90s health foods!