Dating board game 90s

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Pop-O-Matic Trouble – Now, I know there are a few other games to feature the ol’ Pop-O-Matic, but no other game whored it on TV like Trouble did.

I have to admit, my fascination with this game as a child revolved solely around that little plastic dice filled dome. Actually, I never played Trouble, but the commercials always made it look so damn cool. Because it’s fun getting into trouble, with the Pop-O-Matic Bubble. Operation – For the aspiring surgeon in the family.

as long as one card is male and the other is female. Halfway through playing, someone asked who was winning and our social media editor responded with "Uh, heteronormativity." The instructions state over and over that girl cards can only be matched with boy cards, and the phone conversations only take place between boys and girls.

Gay people clearly did not exist yet in 1990, it's a fairly recent thing.

So for the sake of sheer longevity, Operation earns the number nine spot. I was never much into game shows as a kid and definitely didn’t care for their board game counterparts, but this game was just cool.