blind dating deleted - Dating boyfriend in college

Secondly if you enter into a really serious relationship while you’re in college and you’re sharing classes (or even a campus) with a guy, then any break up could get really, really awkward for both of you.

Plus the other benefit is that college is literally full of guys who are looking for girlfriends. A lot of young women jump at the chance of living with their boyfriend during their college years, but there are pros and cons to this.

Firstly college is meant to be about freedom of expression and freedom of lifestyle, so I’m not sure living like a married couple is a great idea.

For a lot of young women going to college also gives them the opportunity to put their awkward high school and middle school years behind them and reinvent themselves in the process.

In fact a lot of young women who probably didn’t consider themselves to be very attractive suddenly find themselves blooming and getting a lot more confident than they were in their teenage years, which should make the whole issue of finding a boyfriend in college a lot easier.

For a 21 year old guy, what is the best way of throwing myself into single life?