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There are lots of things to dislike about this song, such as Taylor's mis-application of the Scarlet Letter symbol.With that said, the idea behind the song was kind of cute.This song is a good one, but I've heard it so much it's annoying. imagine listening to slipknot or lamb of god in your car and suddenly you hear a whiny voice in another car blast out "Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone..." god its HORRIBLE. i have a girlfriend ive been dating for 8 years since freshman year of high school. It takes a wonderful person to take a tragic story and change it into a witty and easy to relate to Love song is good hearing this from a metal head like me its gotta b i dnt understand how this song relates to romeo and juliette tho i mean yea they loved eachother but the video seems to b impersonating it well hello romeo dies.

Nearly one-third of all battles during the Revolution were fought in New York State, including the victory at the Battle of Saratoga.

New York was at the forefront of the Underground Railroad movement, and its prime location and politics made it a destination of choice for many Africans fleeing slavery along the eastern seaboard.

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It was 1977 and the American graphic designer had been asked to come up with a logo that would regenerate the fortunes of New York State.

“There was a crack-cocaine epidemic, and certain neighbourhoods like the Lower East Side and parts of the Bronx had totally deteriorated. It was the Wild West.” In 1977, an extensive blackout prompted sustained rioting and looting, resulting in 4,500 arrests.