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You must say who it was." I hesitated, unsure what to do.

Before I had made up my mind, someone called out from across the room. That year 10 kid" Others in the room had been playing football with me. "Well, I will be reporting this to your housemistress, Rick, don't you worry, Ashley deserves to be in trouble for this. "Yes sir" I said, walking out of the classroom to sniggers of people from around the room. "Do one" I retorted angrily, doing my best to avoid expletives in front of the member of staff.

Perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all I thought to myself, and half smiled at the stupidity of that thought. We had arrived at the room, and Alan walked in first. I had hoped the class may not have properly started yet and people were still talking, but it seemed as though the lesson had literally just started and the teacher, Mr Smith, was introducing the day's topic, so all eyes were on the front of the classroom; unfortunately, this was where the door was situated.

I proceeded to wash my face for a few minutes and tried to sort out my shirt, a little blood had dripped onto it, which was pretty difficult to wash out. "Oh hey Alan," I glumly said as I turned the corner of the corridor and my friend (who hates football) came into view. "Sorry we're late sir" Alan said, trying to distract the attention away from me.

I just left it and looked at myself again in the mirror. I sighed, knowing the inevitable questioning that was going to come from almost everyone I would see. "That's ok" he said understandingly, "Try not to be late again though please." He was one of the more lenient teachers, I was not surprised by this reaction.