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The following figure shows the four main components of the application: .They don't have any behavior, and can therefore be considered as "dumb" objects.

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In part two of the article series I showed you how the site was set up: the important layers each have a separate folder under the special , the site has a few other folders and files worth looking at.

This is the SQL Server 2005 Express database used for the application.

- I have written a new series on N-Layer design as a major follow up to this one. Part one dealt with the design of the application: what business objects do you need to fulfill the requirements of the application.

The target audience for this series are developers that are ready to make the switch from using controls with custom business objects. NET 2 and C# is necessary while some knowledge about object oriented design certainly helps.

However, the downloads for this series also come with the T-SQL scripts to recreate the database in SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005.