Ana ivanovic dating history

Ivanovic won first five matches of this six, although three of them gone into the third set.

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But this match was just 15 minutes shorter than previous match in Tokyo, which was in three sets.

Duration of this match shows that it was a big battle, although it were two sets.

A record-breaking, Grand Slam-winning player, Ana is not just admired for her ability and dedication, but for her endearing personality and extensive philanthropic work across the globe.

Serbian tennis players Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Janković are both former world No. Their overall head-to-head series is 9–3, in Ivanovic's favor.

Residence: Bern, Switzerland Date of Birth: November 6, 1987 Birthplace: Belgrade, Serbia Height: 6’ (1.84 m) Weight: 152 lbs.