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Describing what prompted her to set up herself.com, she says that initially she “just wanted to create an online forum for women to discuss sexual dysfunction and discomfort – I’ve been struggling with UTIs [urinary tract infections] my whole life and wanted to find women who’d been going through the same thing.

There are so many issues that never get discussed.” But the idea slowly morphed into an attempt to reinterpret female nudity.

“I want women not to feel alone,” she says by way of explanation for her candour.

“I would hate for my daughters – or anyone’s daughters – to go through their entire lives having to apologise for themselves – that is the driving force behind [herself.com].” Stasey decided that if she was asking other women to pose naked on her website, she had to be prepared to do so herself.

“They had already appeared naked in other forums and weren’t afraid to do it again,” Stasey explains.