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The state won't know whether the baby boxes prevented parents from sharing a bed with their infants until fatality board's report in 2019, when 2017 data will be available, Mc Cans said.But with more than 20,000 boxes in circulation, she said she is hopeful. But Mc Cans, an emergency room pediatrician at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, doesn't agree with Ostfeld's and Hegyi's idea of forcing "another unfunded mandate" on hospitals.

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Hospitals "care very deeply and want to do the right thing, but there isn't a regulation, like there is to teach breast feeding and using a car seat.

When you have a regulation, you start to see more consistant standards," said Ostfeld, who travels to hospitals, clinics and child welfare offices to teach safe sleep techniques year-round.

Vitale, the sponsor of a long-ignored bill to overhaul the state Medical Examiner's Office, expressed confidence that with Gov.-elect Phil Murphy taking office in January and his vow to overhaul the agency, there would be "the resources and the will to do the right thing." But tackling the infant mortality issue requires more exploration, he said.

The state's child fatality review board's latest report, quietly published on the Department of Children and Families website on Dec. The volunteer board, consisting of medical and mental health professionals and government and law enforcement officials, examined 137 child fatality cases from 2015, including 70 were classified as sudden unexpected and sleep-related infant deaths.

She cited a 2016 statisical analysis in the American Journal for Public Health that compared state-by-state low-birth weight babies and infant mortality rates with minimum wage from 1980 to 2011.