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Mr Denison said: "It is clear from all the evidence, from the scene and from her phone and his, that he went to her home that evening by arrangement, to drink and to have sex, and they drank, and they both undressed, and for a reason that she cannot tell us and he won't tell us, he killed her and then left in a hurry.

"The defendant killed Usha Patel in her home that evening, possibly into the early hours of Thursday, after she had put [her son] to bed." A post mortem revealed she had been ferociously beaten, strangled and stabbed 13 times in the stomach and the cause of death was recorded as compression of the neck, blunt head injury and alcohol intoxication.

In that 10-15 year window, many people seriously date a good number of people.

It is not uncommon to see a young couple (ages 14-15) date for six months to a year, only to find someone new, date him or her for about six months to a year, so on and so forth.

He said: “The evidence shows the defendant to have met and murdered Usha Patel, and assaulted Rosie Ferrigno, at a time when he was driven by compulsions to drink, take cocaine, and have sex.

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