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It will be determined by each participant's condition and mood that day," Kim said.Nevertheless, in the past five Winter Olympics, the winners of the world championship of the previous year ended up with the Olympic gold.

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She graduated from the university's undergraduate school last year.

"She originally wanted to continue her studies after graduation from the university, but delayed the plan in order to focus on the Sochi Games," an official from the agency said.

Furthermore, the title suggests Kim is simply operating at a different level than her rivals."I was anticipating a good score after putting out everything I could, but I really didn't expect the score to be this high," Kim said. With a sense of security about my techniques, I was able to minimize mistakes."Kim said she was "very nervous" during a six-minute preparation period ahead of her free skate, but she was able to pull herself together waiting for her turn, as sixth in the final group.

She said letting go of her desire to win helped her to perform "comfortably.""When I was preparing for the event, I felt much less pressured than when I was practicing for the last Olympics," Kim said.

Kim also won her first Olympic gold at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games after she claimed her first world championship in 2009 해외언론, 김연아 "비현실적" 찬사 '피겨 여왕' 김연아(23)가 2013 국제빙상경기연맹(ISU) 세계선수권대회에서 화려하게 날아올랐다.김연아는 17일(한국시간) 캐나다 온타리오주 런던의 버드와이저 가든스에서 치러진 대회 시니어 여자 싱글 프리스케이팅에서 무결점 연기로 148.34점을 받아 쇼트프로그램 점수(69.97점)를 합쳐 종합 218.31점을 획득, 2위 카롤리나 코스트너(197.89점·이탈리아)를 크게 따돌리고 우승했다.김연아는 이날 기술점수(TES) 74.73점과 예술점수(PCS) 73.61점을 기록했다.김연아는 완벽한 연기로 올 시즌 여자 싱글 최고점을 찍었다.