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"It is reasonable for women to choose sex work in the US instead of sex work in Korea," wrote Seattle resident Christina Slater, who describes herself as an "erotic service provider," in an April blog post about the Review Board bust.

"I know that if those were my options..if I spoke little to no English I would need assistance in finding a work place, scheduling clients, etc." This is the main criminal activity alleged of Mueller and Durnal: providing K-girls with live-work space, posting online ads for them, and screening and booking their clients.

In January, Zitars was fixing up the family home for sale when police broke down its door, arresting the 62-year-old at gunpoint.

Yet almost none of it is true—and the little that is technically true is so lacking in context that it's utterly misleading.

Almost everything that follows was known by detectives to their January raids and press conference, because it comes directly from court documents that they filed to establish probable cause for each defendant's arrest.

" Nowhere in official court documents do police allege this; at most, Mueller and Durnal are accused of exploiting Korean sex workers—a.k.a. By all accounts, these women flew to Seattle voluntarily and without chaperones, usually from other U. cities, in order to work temporarily at one of the area's booming Korean-escort agencies.

The K-Girls were, in essence, independent contractors.

While most publications were careful to pepper "police said" into articles, their headlines and language precluded any sense of impartiality.