Consolidating loan student uk

Consolidating loan student uk

Speaking another language is always useful when on holiday but it is certainly a huge bonus for finding a job.

On average, a bi-/multi-lingual graduate earns £4000 more than one who only speaks one language.

[1] Chinese A-level is offered by CIE, primarily aimed at native speakers.

CIE offers two AS's in Chinese Language and Chinese Literature, which are components of the Chinese (First Language) A-level. "French is the most common language for a pupil to learn at any level.

Edexcel Chinese A-level (8CN01/9CN01) will have the singular distinction of being the only A-level to have three units (the first A-level to contain an odd number of compulsory units since Curriculum 2000): two for AS, one for A2, and will contain an oral and listening (again unlike other community modern foreign languages).