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The manner in which the arrest was carried out as well as the details of the case have drawn the attention of local, national and international media.

Jamal was arrested in his own front-yard in the presence of his young daughter, handcuffed and taken to the car before his family could reach him.

These arrests are a part of a new and growing trend in anti-immigration policy.

Garcia had been brought to the United States illegally as a 10-year-old.

After his marriage 15 years ago, he and his wifeattempted to get him legal status, but instead ended up being enmeshed in deportation proceedings.

In January alone, there were multiple cases of ICE arresting and deporting immigrants who have lived in the US for decades, tearing apart families.

Jorge Garcia, a 39-year old landscaper from Lincoln Park, Michigan was forced to leave behind his wife and two teenage children, after he was detained and deported to Mexico last month.

At that point, he was given a “voluntary departure order” to leave the United States.