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These arrests are a part of a new and growing trend in anti-immigration policy.

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Trump’s Executive Order on Interior Enforcement, signed on January 25, 2017, however, made it plain that the dragnet would not be limited to immigrants with criminal records but would extend to “all removable aliens.” Soon after, the Department of Homeland Security issued memorandums that essentially stripped all deportation priorities, a fundamental shift away from the Obama administration's guidelines to prioritize criminals and recent border crossers.

In the year since, ICE agents have made the news for arresting immigrant workers leaving church, standing outside court houses, taking their children to school, accompanying family members to immigration status check-ins or merely attempting to earn an honest living.

At that point, he was given a “voluntary departure order” to leave the United States.

Non-fulfilment of that order meant that Jamal was vulnerable to being arrested and deported by ICE agents.

His three childrenare US citizens, and all of his siblings live in the United States as citizens.