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Then beyond that creatively, how do we make that work?

” says Roday, who characterizes Omundson’s recovery as “remarkable.” After talking with Omundson and his family, they decided to forge ahead and actually found a way for their friend to be part of the experience in some capacity.

I think we’ll kind of see that experience happen with Gus a little bit.” Hill loved having Simon on set, and his costar even thinks it may have helped get into character quicker. “I think part of that was the very first thing we shot was with Jazmyn Simon.

I think there was a little bit of a ‘Hey baby, this is how we do it,’ that was sort of motivating him to be at the top of his game right away.” The other curious detail Psych-Os may have noticed in the first-look photo is that Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) is sporting a trendy fedora.

Loss of brake fluid would not allow the brakes to lock and would have the opposite effect.