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I think we’ll kind of see that experience happen with Gus a little bit.” Hill loved having Simon on set, and his costar even thinks it may have helped get into character quicker. “I think part of that was the very first thing we shot was with Jazmyn Simon.I think there was a little bit of a ‘Hey baby, this is how we do it,’ that was sort of motivating him to be at the top of his game right away.” The other curious detail Psych-Os may have noticed in the first-look photo is that Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernsen) is sporting a trendy fedora.I can’t say for 100 percent sure that he will, but I can say like 99.99 percent that we did everything we can to get Tim in the movie.” Roday adds: “I think we found the best way possible to keep Lassiter very much a part of what we do, set him up to succeed in the future, and still give all of our Psych-Os an opportunity to see that ridiculously handsome mug of his.” Psych-Os may be slightly disappointed if they were hoping to revisit some of the old Santa Barbara haunts.

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Three years after signing off to the strains of Oingo Boingo’s “We Close Our Eyes,” fake sleuths Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill) are returning in a holiday movie that will surpass anything in the original series, if creator Steve Franks gets his wish.

As the boys face a deadly foe — the Thin White Duke (Zachary Levi), who, according to Hill, is “looking to seek, kill, and destroy Team Psych” — they’ll be reunited with the rest of the gang in their most harrowing moment yet, pictured below in this exclusive first look.

“The first time we see Henry, he’s in full hipster regalia.

When a contestant on a reality dating show is in a car accident that wasn't an accident, Shawn & Gus are hired to find out who is causing problems on the show.

The friends, along with some returning fan-favorite characters, come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own.