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The concept of “sexual orientation” obscures more than it illuminates because it is deeply ambiguous.As any social scientist will tell you, its meaning is notoriously unstable. Or to one’s inclinations: fleeting or lasting, exclusive or dominant or not; to certain forms of sexual partnership or affective companionship or both.

These are all comments I’ve heard over the years and really, they are all based on mistruths and misunderstandings about which people rarely bother to find out the truth. Why is the Church trying to make things difficult for you?

But truth be told, you shouldn’t be dating, in a serious relationship, or engaged unless you have a decree of nullity in hand. Last week I wrote the analogy of protective borders around a playground on a busy city street and this applies here, too.

What were liberal Catholics such as Jesuit Father James Martin, who would like to see the Church change some of its teachings, crowing about?

The cause was evidently a combustible blend of inartful drafting, media ignorance, and liberal wishful thinking.

The ignorance concerned the status of the , the authority of an extraordinary synod, and the Church’s historic teachings on every human being’s inherent dignity.

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