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If so, download this printable tip card: How to call it off and not be the bad guy * * * The social psychologist says: “The way we feel close to each other is self-disclosure.

So when people aren’t doing that — sharing physical and emotional affection — they’re going to feel a lack of intimacy.” The dating optimist says: “The underlying issue is the utter dullness of their life routine.

Her research focuses on the science of interpersonal relationships, and she is an editor and contributor to The Science of Relationships, an online relationship science resource. Harman’s advice leads from the objectively reasoning head and Amy Spencer’s from the hopeful human heart, often their insights overlapped.

Amy Spencer, on the other hand, is a “dating optimist” whose upbeat approach to dating and relationships focuses on positive affirmation, hopefulness, and self-fulfillment. Apply their ideas as a litmus test to decide what to do about your own relationship stuck moments.

Or have an intimate picnic in bed where you share your most embarrassing and painful experiences.