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Pornhub responded to the ban by offering Russians 14 days of access on its premium site, which escaped the ban as it was a paid service and uses a separate URL.

The military half of Putin’s address was not only – or perhaps even primarily – directed at the Russian audience.

Although Russia accounts for just four per cent of Brazzers’ traffic, the country is a growing market for the Canadian company.

In September, Roskomnadzor blocked access to popular adult sites Porn Hub and You Porn at the request of the courts.

My best friend is a lawyer and he tells me about cases where men sent money to women under false pretences.

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    If the father chooses to claim his paternal quota concurrent with the mother's leave, your subsequent concurrent claims are limited to the number of additional weeks you are granted.

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    Alcohol, fragrance, games, clothes, vouchers and seeing long lost family members were less than 10 per cent a piece.

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