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WA Police have confirmed they are aware of the archive and have received a number of complaints.

“The matter is being investigated,” a police spokesman said.“People are advised that accessing the images may lead to them committing an offence,” he said.

“They have all attended numerous cyber safety and health education programs designed to offer strategies that ultimately lead to making prudent and values based choices.“We trust that across the nation girls and their families will again be having crucial conversations about our selfie culture and how it can impact on privacy and personal identity.

“As adults we are compelled to model that our of sense self-worth comes from within; not from a superficial notion that to saturate social media in the hope of being ‘liked’ defines ultimate success.”Images on the website have reportedly been taken from social media accounts and from other sources. One WA young woman told 6PR on Friday morning photographs of her had been shared in the archive.

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“I can’t really be mad because I’ve done it to myself but it feels really weird having people I don’t even talk to message me and say ‘oh I found this photo of you’,” she said.