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Almost every admission to long-term care is either psychologically challenging or emotionally catastrophic for the resident.Newly admitted residents are confronted by many losses—health status, home, community activities, etc.—and they need to create a new life for themselves in a foreign environment.

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All degree programs at ISU are accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Internet students have support programs available such as academic counseling, access to an online writing center, tech assistance and online tutoring.e Campus classes are conducted in customary 16-week cycles during the spring and fall, accompanied by shorter sessions in the summer.

Various other groups with special clinical needs—people with PTSD, patients on ventilators, those with long-standing personality disorders—also are a part of the fabric.

For all of these residents, admission to long-term care involves not only those adjustment issues true of all admissions, but also additional challenges that long-term-care facilities may not be capable of supporting.

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