Dating and marriage customs in usa

This is a headache for the brides who want to make sure everything should be perfect on the day. Some who still want to follow this superstition fit the lining of the dress, and leave all trust to the dress maker.

A common rhyme regarding European Wedding dress superstition goes : Red is a lucky color in Chinese, so in a traditional Chinese wedding the bride wore a Red Dress.

Now, European White dresses have become the norm for Chinese weddings, with the traditional Chinese dress worn at the banquet.

Something blue is associated with the bride's virginity and purity.

Something silver is any type of silver coin that is tucked into one of the bride's shoes to represent wealth and prosperity.

Some bouquets are cascading, others are pomander balls, some wrapped in delicate fabric. Some brides decide to carry a bouquet of other significant thing for her, such as rice stalks or small branches of a special plant.