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The first day represented the old creation, but the 8th day signified the new creation and is therefore the mirror for "the (Please note that the actual birth-year of Jesus was about four years earlier, but this, too, is extremely significant; however, this is not where the mirror is located.

This is a good thing, for we do not know with certainty when the actual birth-date was, but rather in the providence of God men choose the exact day numerically prophesied.

(60486 to 39486 ((AD 1406 is the mirror of 1406 BC, which is the year Israel entered the Promised Land after coming out of Egypt 40-years earlier in 1446 BC.

Also, AD 586 is the mirror of 586 BC, the fall of Jerusalem.)(Thus, beginning either with 390 or 430 years from the entry into Egypt, both alternating patterns yield the same end-dates of AD 586 and AD 1406, which are the mirrors of the exile from the Promised Land and the entry into the Promised Land.)The pattern is close enough so as to be striking even if it were out one year; however, the difference can be largely accounted for anyway.

2906 (2856) BC is also the general time-period for the biblical flood based upon the MT, LXX, and especially the SP.