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All six dancers perform a solo, after which the judges eliminate one male and one female contestant.

If the eliminated dancers are not from the same couple, their respective partners form a new pair for the following week's performances.

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Joshua Allen was announced as the winner on August 7, 2008, the first hip-hop dancer to win the title.

For the first time, New York City was not a stop on the audition tour.

The song played for the females and males varied throughout the season. Contestants are in alphabetical order by last name, then in reverse chronological order of elimination.

Jessica King suffered an injury that resulted in her being unable to continue in the competition.

His best work from season two came, most improbably, from his collaborations with gawky Mormon swing dancer (and eventual season-two champ) Benji Schwimmer, including an early routine with Donyelle and a season-capping nerd-fest with Travis Wall.