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She also engaged to her boyfriend in 2016 and her engagement ring proves it, sources show that her boyfriend is also a media personality, however, she hasn't disclosed him yet.Before that, she served at the White House National Security under the ex-president Barack Obama’s presidential administrations.You can be a billionaire or a bum, win sailing's biggest prize or swab decks, own a television network or have trouble paying the cable bill: By the final curtain, life boils down to a few simple things. Besides the three ex-wives, there are five children, a slew of grandchildren and 28 properties across the United States and in Argentina.

It is some small consolation that he refrained from calling his CNN questioner "dummy" or "silly," as he has done with others.

Turner still strides into a room with boisterous confidence and a loud guffaw that's like a verbal backslap.

And it's consuming far too many of our resources, particularly here in the United States.

PBS’ haul of 17 wins included six wins for “Frontline,” for breaking news and investigative coverage.

He doesn't suffer fools, and any woman he hasn't met before can expect a thorough visual once-over.