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You can be a billionaire or a bum, win sailing's biggest prize or swab decks, own a television network or have trouble paying the cable bill: By the final curtain, life boils down to a few simple things. Besides the three ex-wives, there are five children, a slew of grandchildren and 28 properties across the United States and in Argentina.

As the milestone 75th birthday approached, CNN spent time with Turner on his Montana ranch, at his early childhood home in Ohio and at his penthouse in Georgia.

Turner turned 75 on November 19 and yes, he has done or been all of these things. He kept a pet alligator, compared rival Rupert Murdoch to Hitler and called Christianity "a religion for losers." He stuck his foot in his mouth -- and apologized -- too many times to count.

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It is some small consolation that he refrained from calling his CNN questioner "dummy" or "silly," as he has done with others.

Turner still strides into a room with boisterous confidence and a loud guffaw that's like a verbal backslap.

Turner talked at length with anchor Wolf Blitzer, whom he has known for many years, and granted this reporter a few snippets of his time, including a half-hour interview at his office in Atlanta. Turner said he is tired and he is hard of hearing, but he continues to stay in constant motion.

He walks more slowly now, but his eyes are keen and his jaw is square.

In conversation, a name might elude Turner for a minute or two, but if he moves off a subject at the beginning, he remembers to return to it.