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Donald Collier [1911-1995] An archaeologist, ethnologist and museologist.He was known primarily for his work in Ecuadorian and Andean archaeology and spent most of his career at the Field Museum of Natural History…

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Peabody Foundation for Archaeology in Andover, MA (1936–66) Coordinated interdisciplinary study of Boston fishweir site (1939–42) Coordinator (with Raup) Andover-Harvard Expedition–Alcan Highway (1944–48) Secretary of Committee for Recovery of Archaeological Remains, CRM (1946) President of Society for American Archeology (1947–48) Executive Secretary of American Anthropological Association (1948–54) Chairman of joint committee on radiocarbon dating in archaeology (1950s–60s) Coordinator (with Mac Neish) of Tehuacan Archaeological-Botanical Project (1960s) Director of R. Peabody Museum at Phillips Academy Andover (1967–68) https://edu/journals/histories_of_anthropology_annual/v004/4.norcini_tab01Froelich Gladstone Rainey [1907-1992] An American anthropologist and a master of narrative prose… Commissioner for the Rhine and faced with the daunting task of rebuilding Ruhr coal industry.

He attended Yale University and taught at the University of Alaska (1935-1942), specializing in Alaskan prehistory…. Later he worked as an archaeologist at the University of Pennsylvania, eventually becoming director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

This is an interesting point, as it shows that in the heartwood of the Sequoia gigantea at least the sap is not in chemical equilibrium with the cellulose and other large molecules of the tree.

In other words, the carbon in the central wood was deposited there about 3,000 years ago, although the tree itself was cut just a few years ago.

From 1950 to 1970, Collier taught classes in anthropology at the University of Chicago…