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Radiocarbon dating – Willard Libby Nobel Lecture, December 12, 1960 immediately directed us to the Breasted Egyptian collection in the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago and to John Wilson, a senior professor in the Institute.Through Professor Wilson we obtained precious materials from the earliest pyramids and proceeded to burn and date them.Joined together in this cause they are – THE FOUR JUST MEN.” At this stage Willard Libby knew he faced a formidable force.

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Hemaka was contemporaneous with King Udimu, and both tombs were generally agreed to be 4,900 ± 200 years before the present.

The next oldest samples were cedar wood from the upper chamber of the Southern Pyramid of Sneferu at Dahshur.

Donald Collier [1911-1995] An archaeologist, ethnologist and museologist.

He was known primarily for his work in Ecuadorian and Andean archaeology and spent most of his career at the Field Museum of Natural History…

He hosted the popular television show, “What in the World?