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For one, a significant percentage of voters, ranging from about one in 10 to one in five, answered these policy questions with "don't know" or "no opinion." And these are still the early days of a conversation that's new to many Americans, so public opinion is likely to change over time.

(Based on the age demographics, however, it does seem like the country will head to a more inclusive, equal direction for trans people.) Gallup editor in chief Frank Newport, in analyzing the contradictory polls on bathroom views, described the current situation: I think that at this point, I would be most likely to say that the American public has not formed firm opinions on the new issue of policies or laws surrounding transgender individuals' use of bathroom facilities and that the public is — to a degree — open to argument on either side.

Plus, the available evidence does not consistently support the conclusion that Americans favor laws or policies allowing open access to bathrooms based on an individual's claimed gender identity.

Morning Consult polled 2,000 registered voters between May 18 and May 19.

(After all, researchers have found such implicit biases for black people in other kinds of studies and surveys; such biases likely exist for people of other groups, too.) Still, the results show that Americans have, at a baseline, more negative views toward trans people than other groups.