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We will be taking our first trip to Europe aboard a Celebrity cruise in July sailing the lower Med to Spain, Italy, and Greece. We also like the way American Express totals everything when you get your bill.Our agent, who works for Celebrity, also said we should pay for everything in dollars as it makes it easier. The agent said it might be warm and to bring some summer clothes but not shorts. As I said, this is all very new to us.01 – No Travel Agent works for Celebrity.There are several different cards and each one carries different benefits and features.

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There are dozens of programs in the Canadian capital designed to keep the city clean and livable.

Our favorite is the annual Spring Cleaning Program that starts every April 15th and lasts a month.

We’ve arranged a Collette Tour and we are trying to do some homework.

We love Deli food in the US, being New Yorkers I suppose that is not surprising, and we are wondering if the Delis we see listed in Venice and Florence are going to look familiar and have some of the sandwiches we love.

And it doesn’t hurt that the answers are being provided by designated, multi-year winners of the travel industry’s most cherished designation “World’s Best Travel Specialist” by the Ediftors of Conde Nast Traveler and “Best Custom Travel Planner” by Travel Leisure. We wish to be the most unadulterated, truthful, and industry knowledgeable travel site in the world.