Dating is it worth the risk reb bradley

Yet the most dangerous, misguided and ruinous activity that I ever undertook in my life was DATING! And Christians have thoughtlessly followed the Pied Pipers of our culture.

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Sometimes, the only thing we can do is to cling to the Lord and pray, and if we have raised them in the way they should go, to trust that, even if they choose to stray for a time, they will return and not depart.

My husband and I have just begun this part of life's journey and our oldest does not agree with us on some of our courtship ideas because he has friends who have been hurt, angered and frustrated because of their parents, or the person's parents, whom they were interested in.

We want our children to respect and honor our wishes because they, hopefully, understand where we are coming from and that we do want what is best for them and because they love us and want to please us.

We want them to feel comfortable in talking to us about their thoughts and feelings.

We, as loving, Christian parents, want the best for our children and we would like to protect them from the world, the crazy culture, and the mistakes we have made.