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Here in Michigan, the Druze men all assembled at the homes of those few families.

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Druze women throughout the United States have involved themselves in civic and community affairs. It is recorded by Colonel Churchill that in the days of the Tanukhid emir Nasir al-Din Husayn (668-751/1269-1350) reading and writing became common, even among females.

They hold prominent positions in the fields of medicine, law, education, as well as, in corporations and other businesses. He continues: "in this respect, women of Druze shaykhs, even to this day (mid-nineteenth century), maintain a marked superiority over the rest of their sex throughout the country." A nineteenth century Lebanese chronicler wrote: "few are the Druze women who cannot read, or are jahilat, i.e., denied access to the Scriptures." ( Abu-Izzeddin, Nejla M., A New Study of Their History, Faith and Society, Leiden - E, J, Brill, 1984, p.234.

Nagela Yusuf Abu Shakra Abu Ghanin (Mullin) passed away February 8, 2001 in Detroit, Michigan.

She lived a full life, and she lived to see her children marry and have children of their own.

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