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Or he might be just using this girl to feel young, and then running off when it starts to feel too much like a relationship.

Whatever the cause, Lala doesn't like it any more than we do.

" Brooke Adams: "Guys, just stop chewing with your mouth open. I'll legit vomit if you chew like a horse; so unattractive." Brooke Adams: "Requiring me to wear certain clothes when I'm not with you because of your lame insecurities. I've dated men that would ask me to send them photos of my outfits to approve, no joke.

If you don't already know pro wrestler and model Brooke Adams yet, we need to know what the hell you've been doing with your life?

A three–time TNA Knockouts Champion, and a former one–time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champ, kicking ass at life is just sort of the norm for Brooke.

With stunning looks and the ability to have a mean streak while in the ring, it's safe to say Brooke Adams is every man's crush.

Which, even without knowing a thing about her, is well-deserved after just one, very long, look.

Brooke Adams: "Looking at your phone while I'm talking to you and then asking, 'Uh, sorry, what? It’s immature and tells me that you care more about the appearance of our relationship rather than the core of it." Brooke Adams: "Don't get upset over another man's comments on social media.