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The capital of Dacia, Sarmizegetusa, located in modern Romania, was destroyed by the Romans, but its name was added to that of the new city (Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa) built by the latter to serve as the capital of the Roman province of Dacia.

The Dacians are first mentioned in the writings of the Ancient Greeks, in Herodotus (Histories Book IV XCIII: "[Getae] the noblest as well as the most just of all the Thracian tribes") and Thucydides (Peloponnesian Wars, Book II: "[Getae] border on the Scythians and are armed in the same manner, being all mounted archers").

There is always receptionist, so it is aparthotel, no need to call to collect key. Own parking in the yard; Receptionist can call for taxi. Chernivtsi are nice and Gopachok restaurant (see pictures) is exeptionally good.

We had a very big apartment (55 square meters) with all you need - TV, internet, well equipped kitchen, comfy beds.

Guests can use on-site barbecue facilities or eat out in the cafes and restaurants nearby. Chernivtsi Train Station is 7 km away, and Chernivtsi International Airport is 3.5 km from Chernivtsi Apartments.