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In my case, however, I am only trying to avoid being too aggressive with activities that are on the critical path and for this reason I choose the least ambitious type of relationship for the majority of my activities: Finish to Start.

My goal is to make roughly 80% of the relationships in my schedule Finish to Start.

The problem was, our group leader had told us in no uncertain terms that the last bus back to the resort would be leaving at pm.

My strategy of primarily using Finish-to-Start relationships is a direct result of the early years of CPM scheduling, when Activity-on-Arrow (AOA) was the dominant scheduling technique.

In those days, the arrows represented tasks, whereas the nodes (circles in most cases) were the activity identifiers.

The resource leveling feature in Primavera P6 is not always the best option for controlling the allocation of resources.

And besides, if the schedule is not resource loaded then leveling is not an option.

This all started several years ago because nearly all construction contracts in the U. state that float belongs to the project and is therefore not for the beneficial use of just one party.