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He told The Times Weekend magazine: “Oh, she's great. She has been one of the most impactful people on my life.“We shared a very beautiful experience together not only cinematically but personally so I'll always have great respect for her.”Patel is currently single and concentrating on his career.He was also pictured joking with his co-star Sunny Pawar, 8, who plays the younger version of his character Saroo Brierley.

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Freida and Dev, who broke up late last year after nearly six years together, served on a panel together and helped raise money for the cause at the event.

The 2016 Academy Awards are just around the corner, and both the nominees and everyone working the event have to get their potential acceptance speeches and presenting jokes in order.

Overnight, the British-Indian couple found themselves doing American talk-shows and attending red carpet events in Hollywood, an experience that has bonded them in a way that Freida claims that no one else can understand., gushes about how much Dev means to her:"I don't think anybody—not even family or friends—can understand what the two of us have been through.

As beautiful as it is, there are parts of it that just become a bit tiring to deal with. ' But I guess he was right in a way; we are soul mates." Freida Pinto And Dev Patel Get Cozy In Israel Despite their six year age gap, Freida says that her parents are relieved that she is with a "nice Indian boy instead of off in Hollywood with Colin Farrell.""The first time, my mom was like, ' Well, he’s six years younger than you are.' I said, ' I know.

So I watched a ton of videos about Jane Goodall, who I'd love to meet.