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I've been looking for a brand new Colt Single Action Army with 5.5" barrel in .45 Colt caliber and I haven't had any luck.I thought they were still in production, why are they so hard to find? If I'm not mistaken, there are so few new Colt SAAs around because they generally only make them to order.Thanks you all for looking at this and giving me your opinions.

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Without photos of the numbers this is a guess: appears to be a third gen and should have a serial number just forward of the grip frame on the bottom of the frame and should be a combination. The number is also stamped on the left side of the frame under the grip panel. I have a set of consecutively numbered pistols in special serial numbers, under the grip the original S/N was lined out and the custom number added, the bottom. Any number under the loading port is an assembly number. Black powder frame but with half moon ejector button. The problem is that the gun is obviously not original and was in very bad condition before being "refinished".

Mentioned that on frame is the more typical Sxxxx A I'm assuming. Perhaps a special order for individual, club, cowboy group, etc. Unless some other information is available or forthcoming, I would consider that It has no historical value and it is, at best, a shooter.

When I have ordered from them in the past, they have always had what I wanted in stock.

I just picked up a Nickle SAA in 44-40 and I am not really sure what I have. It has a 3 digit serial number stamped on the frame in front of the trigger guard. There are no other markings on the gun I have found yet. I just bought it this weekend so Colt is on my list to call this week. You can see the buffer "wallow" on a few of the screw holes. Some "parts-built-Colts" are excellent in their fit and finish and others can be so-so.

Just go to a local dealer and order one ...depends on what you want ---but around $ 1,500 - $2000 will probably get you a decent gun.