Phonegap splash screen not updating

Prior to this change you would need to use hook or copy them down to their platform folders manually; not ideal.These changes also make it much better for managing your assets from a source control and team perspective since you don’t want to check in your platforms folders but can now keep them in their own folders along with the Check out the docs for details on how to configure the icons splash screens for the different platforms and sizes.

The problem is Phone Gap includes all possible launch images in project template by default.

These files are under Resources folder and copied to bundle's root folder on build event.

I was reading a lot of this problem and finally I solved it.

I had to open the phonegap project with android Studio.

1 phonegap build should respect the config.xml, since we're already specifying file locations, however, the current workaround is to use Cordova hooks to copy the files in.