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The problem is Phone Gap includes all possible launch images in project template by default.These files are under Resources folder and copied to bundle's root folder on build event.Instead, the following tips should enable you to create a launch image that works across a multitude of form factors, viewports, and orientations: It is important to understand the concept of scale, idiom, and size class traits in order to use launch storyboard images effectively.

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There is no official support for providing a native-resolution launch image for the i Pad Pro 12.9 or for providing launch images that work with split-screen multitasking or slide-over.

If your app doesn't need to support these contexts, then you can continue to use legacy launch images for as long as you like.

The preferred method of providing launch images is to use a launch storyboard.

For native app developers, the ideal launch storyboard is an unpopulated version of the app's user interface at launch.

I've been working for some time with cordova and I thought it was buggy, but now switching to Phonegap makes me regret that. @mwbrooks Managed to fix it in both env's with Phone Gap Build support -