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Police unions have successfully lobbied against attempts by state lawmakers to mandate the release of more video.

"We’re looking for a male white wearing an orange shirt," he explains.

The sergeant turns on his body camera as he steps out of his patrol car and onto the sidewalk to find his officers. Ospina meets up with Officer Oscar Orosco, who activated his camera the moment he first responded about 15 minutes earlier.

"The power of police officers to shoot people based on their own split-second assessment of danger is one of the most extraordinary powers we give government," said ACLU attorney Peter Bibring.

"The public has a right to understand how that power is being used and whether it’s being used improperly." Entire videos would not have to be released, Bibring added, saying the LAPD could redact images of someone suffering after they’ve been shot. The 15-year veteran has worn a camera since they were introduced two years ago.

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