Methodology for validating software metrics

This article uses several standard metrics including function points, defect removal efficiency (DRE), Cost of Quality (COQ), and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to compare a sample of contemporary software development methods.

There are about 55 named software development methods in use, and an even larger number of hybrids.

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The term “waterfall” refers to traditional software practices of sequential development starting with requirements and not doing the next step until the current step is finished.

CMMI 3 with iterative: The third level of the CMMI is called “defined” and refers to a reasonably smooth and well understood set of development steps.

Software metrics that are to be used for time, cost, or reliability estimates should be validated statistically via data analyses that take into consideration the application, size, implementation language, and programming techniques employed.

Such research should concentrate on metrics useful for large programs.

Different methods have the highest speed, the highest quality, and the lowest total cost of ownership.