Methodology for validating software metrics

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A note to our readers: You asked so we have developed a set of features that allow you to reduce the noise: you can get email and web notifications for topics you are interested in. In general selecting a software development methodology has more in common with joining a cult than it does with making a technical decision.

Many companies do not even attempt to evaluate methods, but merely adopt the most popular, which today constitute the many faces of agile.

In this article the basic assumptions will be these: By holding size, languages, complexity, and team experience at constant levels it is easier to examine the impacts of the methodologies themselves.

There are unfortunately too many methodologies to consider all of them, so a subset of 10 methods will be shown, all of which are fairly widely used in the United States.

The predictions use the author’s proprietary Software Risk Master™ tool which can model all 55 software development methodologies.