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” when you’ve got your hands full, even though you feel reluctant to do so.Or you can complain to management and run the risk of feeling uncomfortable if he finds out it was you who raised the issue.Regardless, your stepsister did you a favor by telling you in advance that you were not particularly welcome (although your money apparently is), and you can congratulate yourself on having escaped incurring an unpleasant debt to an unpleasant woman.

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Instead, she replied, verbatim, “Maybe it’s not in the budget, then. You have been uninvited from what would almost certainly have been a deeply unpleasant event.

Send a gift if you can’t come.” Did I just get uninvited from my stepsister’s wedding? I’m also more than a little surprised that your stepfather suggested you call and ask his own daughter to borrow money to attend her wedding—that was rude and presumptuous of him.

You have every right to say, “Don’t touch me” or “Please stop” to anyone boorish enough to do so.

We just moved into a new building that has three doormen.

Two are wonderful, and the third has never once opened the door for us.