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It has to be noted that the company does not provide services in Himachal Pradesh.Another escort company (name not mentioned in the advertisement) placed a contact number of a girl Bhavani (name changed). On asking when and where the payment can be done, Bhavana questioned, "from when you can start your work." On learning the joining date to be after 2 two days, she said, "then call after two days" and dropped the call.

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"My brother's friend saw me on a dating app and he called me to say, 'How can you join a dating app?

They talk about 'judging' people on apps: "There's a lot of 'judgement' around dating apps," says a girl, who learnt about them on her brother's mobile phone.

In many instances, they are untraceable." It's beyond our reach now, the officer admitted.

Who knows, of the billions of strangers out there, one swipe might just lead to that chance meeting of true love. "We had in mind a matchmaking platform, a virtual best friend who would always have someone great to introduce you to, no baggage of caste, or religion, no neighbourhood busybody, no slinking around nooks and alleys in search of privacy." They had experience: Bhatia was co-founder of online travel company, Make My Trip, Dhingra of electronics e-tail venture, Letsbuy, and Kumar, as a product manager for tech companies.

------------------------------------------------------ 3MEETINGS WILL BE IN HOTELS. ------------------------------------------------ 7)BE ON TIME. 8)WE WILL NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION ------------------------------------------------- SERVICES IN MAHARASHTRA, MUMBAI, PUNE, DELHI, RAJSHTHAN, TELANGANA, KARNATAKA, ANDHRA PRADESH, TAMIL NADU, ORISSA, MADHYA PRADESH, INDORE, BHOPAL, GUJRAT, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, BANGALORE, KERALA WHATSAPP YOUR NAME, AGE, LOCATION AND LATEST PHOTOGRAPH IN 80532-xxxxx ------------------------------------ KUMAR xxxxxx SCO -78, RAJAURI xxxxx NEW DELHI -11xxxx In a next text, Robin Sigh sent, bank account details saying "pay Rs 2500 fee to register your name." This amount will be for three months of membership.