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You might have to work a little harder to draw him out in person. People are perceived as more attractive when they are having a good time.

But if he refuses to answer questions, or his behavior makes you at all uncomfortable, take that as a red flag and remove yourself from the situation. Some of the top ways of making a good first impression are showing: warmth, a sense of humor, imagination, confidence, success, fitness, individuality, body language, conversational ability, creativity and kindness.

The Risks Privacy Maintain privacy and avoid identity theft or fraud.

Preventing Identity Theft Your identity is precious. Viruses & Spyware A basic understanding of computer viruses and spyware.

And someone that smiles at you and can hold your attention for 3 minutes doesn't mean you have chemistry, common interests, shares your values or goals. Caller ID Some singles will use caller ID to acquire your telephone number without your permission.